Top Performers for Africa is a registered company owned by black South Africans. It has a distinct concept of training and consulting. The concept of Top Performers for Africa got conceived from the diminishing training skills and consulting services in Africa especially in South Africa. TPA is based on the client needs, make up and background. This has the partnership relationship at the centre of the services being provided. The solutions being designed for clients are based on engagement to ensure ownership by the client and assessment by TPA as provider to ensure proper monitoring in the implementation of the solutions. The philosophy of the company is seen in the name of the company namely Top Performers. This means that the solutions being advocated should ensure client optimum performance. We believe that through Top Performers Africa becomes a better place to live in as our quality of life will improve considerably.

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To provide client-centered training and management consulting services that is well researched and earmarked at assisting the customers to increase their performance and productivity, TPA aspires to produce a whole consultative product, competent and empowered citizens. This will be done through:

Client Engagement

Empowered Stakeholders

Performance monitoring and intervention evaluation


Our certificates are academically sound and relevant in the corporate world. Top Performers Africa is fully accredited by reputable organizations to provide and serve quality assurance.


Let us be the team that helps you grow and develop your skills to the greatest heights.